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A look at business etiquette basics and rules for interviews and other business meetings.
by Callista Gould
Callista Gould
is a Certified
Etiquette Instructor, founder
of the Culture and Manners
Institute (, and a popular
speaker on etiquette. She has
an MBA from Loyola University
of Chicago. E-mail: cgould@
Interview Etiquette
Confidence in Business Meetings and Meals
The great thing about an interview, it is the one time
you can tell people how wonderful you are and
they are actually willing to listen.
First, we will look at business etiquette basics in a
regular interview, and then cover the additional
rules for interview meals. The infor-
mation here is relevant for any
business meeting, whether you
are pitching a product or plan,
dining with other professionals,
attending a banquet, or
entertaining any of your
organization’s stakeholders.
What is etiquette? Etiquette is not a bunch of stuffy
rules designed to confine. Etiquette is about being
aware of the people around you and attentive
to their needs. The number one rule of
etiquette is to break any rule of eti-
quette in order to make the people
around you feel comfortable.