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A proud supporter of
IPEP and the Qualified
Environmental Professional
QEP) and Environmental
Professional Intern (EPI)
certifications, A&WMA
congratulates the newest*
QEPs and EPIs for their
outstanding achievements!
Rachel Buckbee
Paul Ciminello
William Gilli
Richard Hovan
Anita Junker
Justin Lauterbach
Trecia Mullings
Howard Redfearn
Jennifer Richcreek
Holly Shoup-Bruch
Paul Zawila
Jennifer Bittner
Emmanuel Danso
Mohammed Khaldi
Kristen Tran
QEPs and EPIs certified after
September 30, 2013, will be
acknowledged in the March
edition of
IPEP Quarterly
ipep quarterly
The Institute of Professional
Environmental Practice
Accredited by
body of etiquettes for environmental professionals
when viewed from an international perspective?
Environmental professionals in the United States
should comply with the Foreign Corrupt Policies
Act (FCPA), which prohibits payments by companies
and their representatives to foreign (i.e., non-U.S.)
government and quasi-government officials to secure
business. Environmental professionals worldwide
should also consider adopting the FCPA as guid-
ance for all business practices to avoid any possi-
bility of being perceived as dishonest in work
practices. Professionals should avoid putting them-
selves in a position of being perceived as either
influencing or inducing any act or decision of a
foreign official in his/her official capacity.
All QEPs and EPIs agree to IPEP’s Code of Ethics
as part of the certification process. To find out
more about what it means to be a QEP or EPI, or
to share your story, please visit our Web site and
social media, or contact Diana Kobus directly at
Etiquette and Ethics for the
Environmental Professional
We asked IPEP President Kevin Bricknell, QEP, P.E.,
QSD, for his advice on etiquette for the environ-
mental professional, and his responses all involved
referencing an ethical code. IPEP’s full Code of
Environmental Ethics is available at
Tell us what you think about Kevin’s responses or
ask more questions about ethics and etiquette by
posting on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages.
What are a few specific etiquettes an envi-
ronmental professional is expected to be aware of
and practice?
Honesty throughout all phases of your
work, especially considering that by definition, a
QEP is a multi-media, multi-disciplinary, practicing
professional. As such, we need to acknowledge
and be aware of our limitations and serve our client
or need, seeking the necessary multi-disciplinary
support necessary to achieve the project’s or other
goal in our work.
What is the right etiquette to resolve a conflict of
interest if one becomes apparent in the course of
discharging one's duty?
Conflicts of interest (COIs) need to be disclosed to
the client or organization as soon as you are aware
that they exist. The proper way to resolve a COI is
to decline the work and remove your company or
yourself as an individual from the COI situation.
What are the new elements incorporated into the
Meet Your 2014 Board Members
A&WMA congratulates its newly elected 2014 Board of Directors:
Mike Miller
Dallas Baker
Jayme Graham, Kim Marcus, and Chris Nelson